Joshua Graner M.S. L.Ac

Joshua Graner M.S, Lac is a board certified acupuncture and Chinese medical practitioner, nutritionist and Yoga instructor specializing in neuromuscular disorders, pain management and sports medicine.

His medical career began in the US military as a combat field medic in the 82nd Airborne Division.  After his first tour he was recruited by a military officer academy where he worked for 6 years as the head field medic and medical instructor teaching courses in basic trauma life support to new medics and officers that were destined for the field.  He also oversaw the physical training for soldiers and took care of their rehabilitation when they were injured during their infantry and fitness training exercises.

Joshua completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Nevada Reno earning a Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Sciences, which is a research-oriented degree program.  As an undergraduate he took on graduate-level research projects at the UNR School of Medicine looking at how different vitamins affected the immune system in treating leukemia.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego gave him an opportunity to put his medical science background together with a holistic medical approach.  Joshua graduated in 2009 with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and a focus on integrative pain management and orthopedic medicine.

He has since worked using acupuncture for college athletes, and as a Chinese medical practitioner working with palliative / hospice care, HIV and hepatitis patients.

Currently he works in an integrated medical clinic in Ashland alongside other medical practitioners and runs the Integrative Veterans Outreach Project which provides free holistic medical services for military Veterans here in the Rogue Valley.

During his free time he enjoys hiking, biking and running the many lovely trails in the Rogue Valley, as well as training in Jiujitsu, practicing Archery, rock climbing and playing his Erhu (Chinese Violin).

“My passion is Life and helping others to live Life pain-free and to their fullest potential”